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A complete clothing alteration service

Have you bought an ill-fitting item of clothing, or does a long loved garment no longer fit properly? Worry not, as with clothing alterations from FM Express Dry Cleaners you can have beautifully fitting clothes that both look and feel great.


Visit us today to take advantage of our free fitting service using our in store changing rooms.

From our 30 years' experience in repairing all manner of garments we can reassure you that any repairs will be hard to notice as well as long lasting.


Give that piece of damaged clothing a second chance by bringing it to us today.

Don't leave it to get worse. Have your treasured garments repaired professionally by our tailors who have over 30 years' experience.


Contact us today.

•   Major and minor repairs

•   Zips

•   Patches

•   Mending

•   Altering turn ups and cuffs

•   Taking in and letting out

•   Curtain shortening and re lining

•   Trouser shortening and lengthening

Complete clothing alteration service

Clothing repairs

Alterations provided

A complete clothing alteration service

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Come see us today to find out about our bespoke clothing repair and alteration services, or call for more information:

01442 877 515

Clothing repairs